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Atauff Hydraulic Store high pressure 2-way block type ball valve [AHS2WBL] are units which serve to shut off the flow of an operating medium in both direction. By turning the control a spindle moves the ball from the open to the closed switching position. These ball valves are not designed to be used as flow control valve, therefore they should always be either fully open or fully closed to avoid damaging the sealing cups.

Pressure 350 Bar

Model Code Size Pressure Flow
AHS2WBL-06 1/4” BSP 500 BAR 30 LPM
AHS2WBL-10 3/8” BSP 500 BAR 50 LPM
AHS2WBL-12 1/2” BSP 500 BAR 70 LPM
AHS2WBL-20 3/4” BSP 350 BAR 120 LPM
AHS2WBL-25 1” BSP 350 BAR 180 LPM
AHS2WBL-32 1¼” BSP 315 BAR 220 LPM
AHS2WBL-40 1½” BSP 315 BAR 300 LPM
AHS2WBL-50 2” BSP 315 BAR 500 LPM
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Specifications of 2Way Ball Valve

Atauff Hydraulic Store is one of the Two Way Ball Valve manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. We are supplier in India, spain, UK, USA, Canada, Egypt, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Oman
We have turned into the leading market supplier of Hydraulic Ball Valves in India. In line with institutionalized mechanical criteria and quality requirements, we produce these hydraulic valves from top-quality classified materials for its excellence in water-driven actuators that are linked to the valves to monitor the progression of liquid, gas and widespread export, supplying oil-refining, pharmaceutical , chemical and more industries to customers. The 2-way ball valve is one of the most common valves on the market. It has 2 ports, an inlet and an outlet, and a ball with a bore in it.
1. Type: ball valve KHB2SF 2way
2. Body :block
3. Material: 1.0737
4. Ball seats: from DN4 to DN25
5. O-rings: NBR, FKM, EPDM, MVQ
6. Operating pressure :s3000 (PN210)
7. S6000 (PN420) depending on valve
8. size and seal materials selected
9. Temp. range: 10 C to +100 C depending on
seal material selected

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