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From hydraulic needle valve to gas industries, a good vary of valves and pipe fittings square measure used across totally different angle needle valves industries. These elements guarantee correct functioning of various systems.

Commonly used valves embrace chrome steel check valves, fossil fuel ball valves and angle needle valves.

Some hydraulic needle valve square measure used just for shut-off and on applications, whereas others is also accustomed regulate fluid flow. the applying ultimately depends on a valve’s style and suitableness to be used.

Today, we have a tendency to aim to debate the look and applications of needle valves.

An introduction to hydraulic needle valve

These valves square measure designed in an exceedingly manner that permits them to exactly regulate the fluid flow. However, these valves usually operate at low flow rates.

The design of a typical hydraulic needle valve includes a tapered pin that bit by bit opens the house, granting precise flow management. this can be regulated and controlled with a spindle.

Hydraulic Needle Valves usually have atiny low passage at the side of a protracted, tapered seat. They even have a simple plunger gift at the top of a screw, absolutely fitting the seat.

How do they work? hydraulic needle valves

When the screw is turned, the plunger retracts creating it doable for fluid to flow between the plunger and also the seat. However, the flow are obstructed significantly till the plunger is absolutely backward.

As it might take many turns of the screw to totally retract the plunger, it's doable to manage the flow effectively.

Applications of hydraulic needle valves

These valves square measure chiefly accustomed management fluid flow in delicate gauges. These gauges may get broken by unforeseen surges of the passing fluid below high. Hence, the employment of hydraulic needle valves square measure very necessary to create these elements last long.

The valves are utilized in applications wherever the fluid flow should be halted bit by bit. Precise changes of flow square measure required or a really little flow is needed in such applications. the employment of those valves permits attaining such low flow rates.

These valves may be used for strangling services and as on/off valves. Also, they work with efficiency in vacuum systems as they need precise management of gas flow. This flow should be maintained at depression conditions, for example, whereas filling gas-filled tubes, lasers and alternative devices.

As angle needle valves makers, we provide a variety of merchandise optimized for varied industries. These embrace textile, sugar, oil, waste water treatment, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Browse our vary of needle valves and order the foremost appropriate today!


Atauff: Type: needle valve NV
Body: Square
Material: 1,0570 / 1,4301
Ball seats: from DN6 up to DN40
Operating pressure:S3000(210 Bar)
S6000 (350 Bar ) depending on valves size
and seal Materials selected
Temp. range:-20 C to +100 C depending
seal material selected

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